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Co-Occurring Disorders

Even though millions of Americans suffer from addiction every day, many people still don’t understand the true nature of addiction, its role in mental health, or how it is interrelated.  When it comes to addiction, there can be many causes and effects.  One of the most common causes and effects of addiction is co-occurring disorders.  However, many people still don’t understand the nature of co-occurring disorders, how they are treated or how difficult it is to treat addiction if they are also suffering from other conditions. 

At Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois, we know that addiction is never straightforward and that dealing with mental illness is also a difficult situation.  To help clients and their families get the proper treatment they need, we are committed to doing everything we can to help.  This includes giving them all the information they need to understand the definition of co-occurring disorders, how this affects addiction, and how to get the help they need to get clean and sober and break the cycle of relapse that happens with addiction and mental illness. 


Co-occurring Disorder Individual Session            $145

Co-occurring Disorder Assessment                       $225

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