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About Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois

The staff at Sage Counseling has made a long-term commitment to serving people with varying needs, as well as providing individualized treatment and recovery programs that promote successful outcomes that change lives.  Our team of therapists has over 75 combined years of experience in many different fields and a passion for helping our clients and community. 

Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois proudly serves all counties in the southern Illinois area and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

We are here for you when you seek support and guidance.

We Can Guide You In The Right Direction


When working with clients, it is not necessarily 'doing' for the client but rather being 'someone' for the client.

We believe that the client is the expert in their life and we are simply in the passenger seat to help guide, educate, validate and support.


We work with the client and their support system to ensure the best possible results.  Our success is based on the achievement of the client's goals and sustained stability.


We strive to put the needs of the client first while making clinically appropriate recommendations to help them achieve stability and lifestyle change. 


We want you to recover quickly, but, it is important not to rush the process. It takes time for therapeutic treatments to be fully integrated into your normal everyday life. 


Unique Individualized Treatment

Here For You When You Need It The Most

Schedule Your Appointment With Us Today!

No Referrals Are Required For New Clients 

We Provide A Personalized Treatment Approach

Our Dedicated Team of Professionals is Ready To Support You​

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